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Publications in June 2017 - Chitosan-based coatings for dental implants

The development of a strong bond between implant surface and the surrounding bone substance, called osseointegration is important for successful integration of a dental implant. The coating of dental implants with chitosan is a promising approach to enable an accelerated and improved integration. In the following, we present two publications about chitosan-based coatings for dental implants.

Publications in May 2017 - Functional coatings with chitosan

Functional coatings are applied to improve resistance of implants like artificial heart valves or coronary stents against various impacts in the human body. One problem is the formation of biofilms on the implant surface, which limits communication of the implant with the surrounding area and might induce inflammatory reactions. In addition, nature of the implant material can promote the formation of blood clots, which leads to blocked arteries.

Publications in May 2015

166 articles about chitosan were published in May 2015. In the rank of nations scientists from China gained with 39 publications the leading position, followed by India (16), the US (12) and Italy (11). The research priorities focused on nanoparticles, evaluation studies and pharmaceutical preparations.

Publications in May & June 2014

In the mid-year, 227 articles have been released about chitosan. The main topics addressed nanoparticles, pharmaceutical preparations, evaluation studies, animals and humans. The leading nations in publishing chitosan-related articles are again China (69 articles), USA (28) and India (21). German scientists published 5 reports.

Publications in January and February 2014

At the beginning of 2014, a variety of highly interesting chitosan-related articles were released by scientists from all over the world. All in all, 281 novel articles have been published, which promise new insights into the diversity of the biopolymer. The most successful nations in the field of chitosan research are again China publishing 88 articles, USA 33 reports and India contributed 23 articles.

Publications January 2012

January opens the publication year 2012 with overall 159 articles about chitosan. Almost one third of the articles was published in China.

China:    56 articles
India:    15 articles
USA:     14 articles
Tawain:   7 articles 

Publications in November 2011

So far November is the month with most publications in the year 2011. Overall 168 articles were published.

The three countries with the most publications are again:

China (53 Artikel),
India (20 Artikel) and the
USA (12 Artikel).

Publications in October 2011

The number of publications increased in October. So 144 articles about chitosan were released. Looking at the amount of publications the same countries as in September led the list.
Most publications came from China. In October 40 articles were published there. With 13 published articles India was in second place, followed by the USA with overall 11 publications.

Publications in September 2011

In September a total of 62 articles were published in the field of chitosan. In this month the most publications came from China where 10 articles were published. With 7 articles India was in second place followed by the USA where 6 articles were published.

Publications in May 2011

In May the publication rate of chitosan issues slightly dropped again. 84 articles were published which means six less than in April 2011, but two publications more than in May 2010.

Revolution: coming soon - universal donated blood

The team of Prof. Maryam Tabrizian from McGill University in Montreal, Canada developed a procedure that might be the basis for the application of donated blood independently from the blood group.

Chitosan as basis of self-healing coatings

Scientist at the Mississippi South University in Hattiesburg succeded a spectacular development - a self-reparing material when exposed to ultraviolet light. Prof. Marek Urban and Ph.D. student Biswajit Ghosh were researching on a coating, which main components are chitosan and oxetan. From their point of view this priniciple can be of greatest importance for many matrials.

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