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Publications in September 2010

Besides interesting conferences like the ESB Meeting (European Conference on Biomaterials) from September 11 to 15 in Tampere, Finland many international articles about the application of chitosan appeared. As usual, some interesting papers will be presented.


In September 107 scientific papers dealing with chitosan or chitosan derivatives were published.  
China is the country that hosts most scientists exploring the manifold applications of chitosan or characterizing this natural biopolymer. Chinese researchers published 32 papers in September. American scientist investigated in the fields of pharmaceutical and medical research and food technology, they published 9 articles like their Indian colleagues.
They are followed in regard of number of publications by Spanish and Canadian scientists with six articles each.

Journals Articlesl
AAPS PharmSciTech 6
Journal of Hazardous Materials 5
Biomacromolecules 5
Pharmaceutical Research 5
Carbohydrate Research 4

Tabel: Journals with most Chitosan-Articles in September 2010

Three publications in the fields of tissue engineering, drug delivery systems and cancer research will be presented below:

Chitosan scaffolds for osteochondral tissue regeneration

Abarrategi, Ander; Lopiz-Morales, Yaiza; Ramos, Viviana; Marco, Ferndo; Lopez Lacomba, Jose Luis, J Biomed Mater Res A, 2010.

The following parameters were manipulated: Molecular weight, degree of deacetylation and calcium content.
To identify the best parameter-combinations porous scaffolds were prepared and implanted in rabbit knees with osteochondral defects. After three months the animals were examined. Chitosan with the following parameter-combination regenerated best the osteochonral defects:

  • intact mineral content (17.9 wt %)
  • low molecular weight (11.49 KDa)
  • low degree of deacetylation (83%)

2. Effect of PEGylation on the Toxicity and Permeability Enhancement of Chitosan

Casettari, Luca; Vllasaliu, Driton; Mantovani, Guiseppe; Howdle, Steven M..; Stolnik, Snow, Illum, Lisbeth, Biomacromolecules, 2010.

The research-team of Lisbeth Illum presents results showing how PEGylation can influence toxicity and permeability of tight junctions in nasal applications.

In nasal mucosa chitosan is able to open cellular tight junctions and thus enables the permeability of macromolecules. Tests were perfomed with Calu-3 monolayers.


  • reduction of toxicity
  • enhancement of permeability of macromolecules, pH-dependent
  • positive effects on cell monolayer transepithelial electrical resistance, pH-dependent

3. Chitosan-alginate scaffold culture system for hepatocellular carcinoma increases malignancy and drug resistance

Leung, Matthew; Kievit, Forrest M.; Florczyk, Stephen J.; Veiseh, Omid; Wu, Jennifer; Park, James O.; Zhang, Miqin, Pharm Res, 2010.

Aim of the work was the development of a 3D in vitro HCC model. Therefore a chitosan-alginate scaffold was cultured with human HCC cell lines.
Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) is a prevalent tumour. Its investigation and combat so far has been hampered by a lack of in vitro cell culture systems similar to the in vivo tumour microenvironment. The scaffolds were produced from chitosan and alginate and tested in vivo and in vitro.  
The following observations were made:

  • Good growth of the cell lines on the scaffolds with typical morphology and a high number of malign cells
  • In vivo: acceleration of tumour growth
  • Influence on the formation (morphology and organisation) of new blood vessels

The 3D chitosan-alginate scaffold imitates the in vivo tumour environment better than any other system. Thus it seems suitable for the development and testing of antitumor therapeutics against HCC and their testing.

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Source: GoPubMed; Search: Chitosan, limits: September 2010, State: 15.11.2010

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