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Chitosan publications in February 2009

In February chitosan research remains very active. After 83 articles in January 73 papers were published in the second month of the year 2009.

Maintopics dealing with chitosan, chitosan derivatives or chitosan nanoparticles were:

  • Tissue Engineering
  • Chitosan as carrier e.g.  for pharmaceuticals, genes or vaccines
  • Wound treatment
  • Basic research

Some papers are presented in each category


1.  Tissue Engineering

  • Zhang, Y. et al.: The synergetic bone-forming effects of combinations of growth factors expressed by adenovirus vectors on chitosan/collagen scaffolds. In: J Control Release.
  • Feng, Z.Q. et al.: The effect of nanofibrous galactosylated chitosan scaffolds on the formation of rat primary hepatocyte aggregates and the maintenance of liver function. In: Biomaterials.
  • Rios, C.N./Mathur, A.B. et al.: In Vivo Bone Formation in Silk Fibroin and Chitosan Blend Scaffolds via Ectopically Grafted Periosteum as a Cell Source: a pilot study. In: Tissue Eng Part A.
  • Rabbani, S. et al.: A Novel Approach for Repairing of Intestinal Fistula Using chitosan hydrogel. In: Biomacromolecules.
  • Chesnutt, B. M. et al.: Design and characterization of a novel chitosan/nanocrystalline calcium phosphate composite scaffold for bone regeneration. In: J Biomed Mater Res A.

2.  Chitosan as carrier

  • Lee, S. J.: Tumor specificity and therapeutic efficacy of photosensitizer-encapsulated glycol chitosan-based nanoparticles in tumor-bearing mice. In: Biomaterials.
  • Rodrigues, L.B.: In vitro release and characterization of chitosan films as dexamethasone carrier. In: Int J Pharm.
  • Hagenaars, N. et al.: Physicochemical and Immunological Characterization of N,N,N-Trimethyl Chitosan-Coated Whole Inactivated Influenza Virus Vaccine for Intranasal Administration. In: Pharm Res.
  • Park, K.M. et al.: Thermosensitive chitosan-Pluronic hydrogel as an injectable cell delivery carrier for cartilageIn: Acta Biomater.
  • Luppi, B. et al. : Novel mucoadhesive nasal inserts based on chitosan/hyaluronate polyelectrolyte complexes for peptide and protein delivery.In: J Pharm Pharmacol.
  • Tan, M.L. et al. : Review: doxorubicin delivery systems based on chitosan for cancer therapy. In: J Pharm Pharmacol.

3. Wound treatment

  • Millner, R.W. et al. : A new hemostatic agent: initial life-saving experience with Celox (chitosan) in cardiothoracic surgery. In: Ann Thorac Surg.
  • Dai, T. et al. : Chitosan acetate bandage as a topical antimicrobial dressing for infected burns. In: Antimicrob Agents Chemother.

4. Basic research

  • Kasaai, M.R. et al.: Various Methods for Determination of the Degree of N-Acetylation of Chitin and Chitosan: A Review. In: J Agric Food Chem.
  • Liu, Y.L. et al. : Recombinant expression of a chitosanase and its application in chitosan oligosaccharide production. In: Carbohydr Res.
  • Salomäki, M. et al.: Influence of synthetic polyelectrolytes on the growth and properties of hyaluronan-chitosan
    multilayers. In: Biomacromolecules.
  • Jin, X. et al. : Synthesis and antimicrobial activity of the Schiff base from chitosan and citral. In: Carbohydr Res.
  • Lertwattanaseri, T./Ichikawa, N. et al. : Microwave technique for efficient deacetylation of chitin nanowhiskers to a chitosan nanoscaffold. In Carbohydr Res.

Information about chitosan publications in March 2009 will be presented next month.


wound treatment, tissue engineering, Chitosan as carrier, Basic research

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