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Publications with chitosan and chitosan derivatives by HMC in 2018

Worldwide, our chitosan and chitosan derivatives are used in research. We created a list of scientific articles published in 2018 using chitosan from HMC. Nanoparticles from chitosan or chitosan derivatives were most frequently produced and tested for a wide variety of applications, mainly directed drug delivery and tissue engineering. Curious where to find chitosan by HMC in research?

  Title of article Scientific journal  
Drug delivery              A novel nanoparticle delivery system for targeted therapy of noise-induced hearing loss. Journal of controlled release  Learn more
Delivery of proteins encapsulated in chitosan-tripolyphosphate nanoparticles to human skin melanoma cells. Colloids and Surfaces  
Electrosprayed chitosan microcapsules as delivery vehicles for vaginal phytoformulations. Carbohydrate Polymers  
Gemcitabine delivered by fucoidan/chitosan nanoparticles presents increased toxicity over human breast cancer cells. Nanomedicine  
Mucus-penetrating nanoparticles. Promising drug delivery systems for the photodynamic therapy of intestinal cancer. European journal of pharmaceutics and biopharmaceutics  
Preparation and Characterization of an Oral Vaccine Formulation Using Electrosprayed Chitosan Microparticles. AAPS PharmSciTech  
Low-molecular-weight sulfonated chitosan as template for anticoagulant nanoparticles. International journal of nanomedicine  
Preparation of chitosan-coated liposomes as a novel carrier system for the antiviral drug Triazavirin. Pharmaceutical development and technology  
Complex Coacervates between a Lactose-Modified Chitosan and Hyaluronic Acid as Radical-Scavenging Drug Carriers. Biomacromolecules  
Development and characterization of chitosan/gelatin electrosprayed microparticles as food grade delivery vehicles for anthocyanin extracts. Food Hydrocolloids  
Novel Surface Coatings Using Oxidized Glycosaminoglycans as Delivery Systems of Bone Morphogenetic Protein 2 (BMP-2) for Bone Regeneration. Macromolecular bioscience  
Nanocomposites of Polyoxometalates and Chitosan-Based Polymers as Tuneable Anticancer Agents. Eur. J. Inorg. Chem.  
Engineering, on-demand manufacturing, and scaling-up of polymeric nanocapsules. Bioengineering & Translational Medicine  
Protection of dopamine towards autoxidation reaction by encapsulation into non-coated- or chitosan- or thiolated chitosan-coated-liposomes Colloids and surfaces  
Surface phosphorylation of nanoparticles by hexokinase. A powerful tool for cellular uptake improvement. Journal of colloid and interface science  
Interleukin-6 Neutralization by Antibodies Immobilized at the Surface of Polymeric Nanoparticles as a Therapeutic Strategy for Arthritic Diseases. ACS applied materials & interfaces  
Tissue regeneration            The functionalization of natural polymer-coated gold nanoparticles to carry bFGF to promote tissue regeneration. J. Mater. Chem.  
Chitin and carbon nanotube composites as biocompatible scaffolds for neuron growth. Nanoscale  
Chitosan functionalized poly-ε-caprolactone electrospun fibers and 3D printed scaffolds as antibacterial materials for tissue engineering applications. Carbohydrate Polymers  
Enhancing the mechanical and in vitro performance of robocast bioglass scaffolds by polymeric coatings. Effect of polymer composition. Journal of the mechanical behavior of biomedical materials  
Freeze-cast Porous Chitosan Conduit for Peripheral Nerve Repair. MRS advances  
Electrospun silver ion-loaded calcium phosphate/chitosan antibacterial composite fibrous membranes for guided bone regeneration. International journal of nanomedicine  
Fluorescent Reporter Mice for Nerve Guidance Conduit Assessment. A High-Throughput in vivo Model. The Laryngoscope  
Cyclic Redox-Mediated Switching of Surface Properties of Thiolated Polysaccharide Multilayers and Its Effect on Fibroblast Adhesion. ACS applied materials & interfaces  
Glucosamine Hydrochloride and N-Acetylglucosamine Influence the Response of Bovine Chondrocytes to TGF-β3 and IGF in Monolayer and Three-Dimensional Tissue Culture. Tissue Eng Regen Med  
In situ photochemical crosslinking of hydrogel membrane for Guided Tissue Regeneration. Dental materials  
Spheroid formation and stemness preservation of human periodontal ligament cells on chitosan films. Oral diseases  
Stimuli-Responsive Multilayers Based on Thiolated Polysaccharides That Affect Fibroblast Cell Adhesion.  ACS applied materials & interfaces  
Wastewater treatment  A systematic approach of chitosan nanoparticle preparation via emulsion crosslinking as potential adsorbent in wastewater treatment. Carbohydrate Polymers Learn more
Preparation, characterization and environmental/electrochemical energy storage testing of low-cost biochar from natural chitin obtained via pyrolysis at mild conditions. Applied Surface Science  
Functionalization   Chitosan-catechol. A writable bioink under serum culture media. Biomaterials science  
Chitosan-Capped Au Nanoparticles for Laser Photothermal Ablation Therapy. UV-Vis Characterization and Optothermal Performances. Journal of Spectroscopy  
Chitosan nanoparticles via high-pressure homogenization-assisted miniemulsion crosslinking for mixed-matrix membrane adsorbers. Carbohydrate Polymers  
Antibacterial effect  Chitosan-based sleeves loaded with silver and chlorhexidine in a percutaneous rabbit tibia model with a repeated bacterial challenge. Acta biomaterialia Learn more
Effect of Chemical Disinfection on Chitosan Coated PMMA and PETG Surfaces—An In Vitro Study. Polymers  
Properties of Functional Films Based on Chitosan Derivative with Gallic Acid. Applied Biochemistry and Microbiology  
Oligosaccharides Chitinase Chi1 from Myceliophthora thermophila C1, a Thermostable Enzyme for Chitin and Chitosan Depolymerization. Journal of agricultural and food chemistry  
Chitosan composite     Development and Characterization of Polyamide-Supported Chitosan Nanocomposite Membranes for Hydrophilic Pervaporation. Polymers  
Droplet-Assisted Microfluidic Fabrication and Characterization of Multifunctional Polysaccharide Microgels Formed by Multicomponent Reactions. Polymers  
Phytase-mediated enzymatic mineralization of chitosan-enriched hydrogels. Materials Letters  
Polyaniline nanocomposites based sensor array for breath ammonia analysis. Portable e-nose approach to non-invasive diagnosis of chronic kidney disease. Sensors and Actuators  
Rheological characterization of new thermosensitive hydrogels formed by chitosan, glycerophosphate, and phosphorylated β-cyclodextrin. Carbohydrate Polymers  
Chitosan charakterisation  Strategy to improve the characterization of chitosan by size exclusion chromatography coupled with multi angle laser light scattering. Carbohydrate Polymers  
Comparison of Rheological, Drug Release, and Mucoadhesive Characteristics upon Storage between Hydrogels with Unmodified or Beta-Glycerophosphate-Crosslinked Chitosan. International Journal of Polymer Science Learn more
Hemostasis Hemostatic Ability of Chitosan-Phosphate Inspired by Coagulation Mechanisms of Platelet Polyphosphates. Macromolecular bioscience  
Mucoadhesion   Morphological, Mechanical and Mucoadhesive Properties of Electrospun Chitosan/Phospholipid Hybrid Nanofibers. International journal of molecular sciences  
Development of electrosprayed mucoadhesive chitosan microparticles. Carbohydrate Polymers  
Mucosal antibody responses to vaccines targeting SIV protease cleavage sites or full-length Gag and Env proteins in Mauritian cynomolgus macaques. PloS one  
Vaccine Systemic and mucosal humoral immune responses induced by the JY-adjuvanted nasal spray H7N9 vaccine in mice. Emerging microbes & infections  

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