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Publications in 2010

Find an overview of scientific publications dealing with chitosan in 2010.

Publications in December 2010

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In December 2010 116 articles dealing with chitosan or chitosan derivates were published.With 31 publications about chitosan China is the country which publicized the most ones followed by USA with 10 publications and India with 9. There chitosan nanoparticles, evaluation studies and pharmaceutical preparations were of most interest (37, 34 and 33 publications).

Efficiency of Chitosan in toothpaste

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Nitin Mohire and Yadav Adhikrao of the Government College of Pharmacy in Vidyanagar, India developed a herbal chitosan toothpaste and tested its efficiency. Read more about the results of their four-week clinical trial.

Alternative Bio Fuels from the Sea?

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A cooperation project of the Norwegian University of Life Sciences and the American University of Minnesota opens a new window to the production of bio fuels. The common starchy plant substrates are seen to be substituted by cellulose and chitin – natural polysaccharides that are not used as food.

Publications in September 2010

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Besides interesting conferences like the ESB Meeting (European Conference on Biomaterials) from September 11 to 15 in Tampere, Finland many international articles about the application of chitosan appeared. As usual, some interesting papers will be presented.

Novel synthesis of nanocomposites with chitin

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Bruno Alonso and Emmanuel Belamie of the Charles Gerhardt Institute in Montpellier, France developed a new large-scale synthesis of bioorganic-inorganic nanocomposites: self-organising chitin-silicon dioxide nanocomposites with unpredecented specificity in texture and structure of the product.

Nanoparticles: Trojan Horse for APIs

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The big challenge in the field of medical innovations is so tiny that it is not noticeable with the naked eye. Nanotechnology – a promising and trendsetting technology. For example, with the help of drug-delivery-systems drugs can be transported to an exactly defined part within the body.
Chitosan also produces nanoparticles.

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