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Publications in July 2010

In July several outstanding articles about chitosan had been published around the world.  All in all 122 articles were released in 67 different journals. With regard to the number of publications the leading countries are China (31), the USA (20) and South Korea (10).

Publications in June 2009

Even in the beginning of summer chitin and chitosan research is going on. 130 articles were published in journals. 50 submitted papers edited in China, 10 in the US and 9 in South Corea. You want to learn more about the foci of interest? Just keep on reading.

Current articles about chitosannanoparticles

In the first two months of this year numerous articles about chitosannanoparticles has been published into the following journals: biomaterials [6],  biomed mater res a [2], j mater sci-mater m [2], langmuir [2], biomacromolecules [2]. The Authors are from Asia, Europe and Northamerica.

Recent publications with chitosan nano-particles

In the first two months of the year articles were published predominantly in these journals: biomaterials [6], biomed mater res a [2], j mater sci-mater m [2], langmuir [2], biomacromolecultes [2] Authors are from Asia, Europe and Northamerica. The treated topics are presented in this article. The data was obtained through GoPubMed.

Congress and fairs

Meet us in person 2023:

  • EASO Winterschool 2023, Wittenberg, Deutschland, 15.02.-18.02.2023
  • EUCHIS 2023, Siglufjörður, Island, 11.-14.09.2023
  • EPNOE 2023, Graz, Austria, 18.09.-22.09.2023
  • Asia Pacific Chitin and Chitosan Symposium 2023, Juju, Süd-Korea, 31.10.-03.11.2023
  • Bioeconomy Innovation Day, Brussels, Belgium, 16.11.2023

To arrange an appointment please contact Katja Richter via sales(at)medical-chitosan.com


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